BC Mello Longhorn Cattle Company

Family-owned and operated by Bill & Cindy Mello.

The Mello family has always had a passion for horses and cattle. Mom Cindy has loved Longhorns her entire life. As a kid, she would sit in front of the TV, watching old western movies, and dreaming of having her own cattle someday. She thought the Longhorns were the coolest cattle.

Dad Bill was a rodeo clown in his younger days. Bill and his buddy Butch owned a Brahma named Bologna. He was a gentle giant, weighing in at about 1700 lbs. Their children love cattle, too. Daughter Alyson was only six months old at the time, but she loved to sit on Bologna and pat his big hump.

They’ve have always had horses and cattle - mainly roping stock for the kids to practice on for rodeos – at their ranch in Goldendale, Washington. They host many equine clinics, horsemanship clinics and even a few mule clinics throughout the year, utilizing their 10-acre mountain trail course. They sold their Corriente cattle after the kids flew the coop.

In 2021, Cindy saw an ad for a Longhorn bull. She purchased BC Brave at Heart aka Turbo as a “yard ornament” for her husband, Bill. She wanted him to steer and train Turbo, recalling his rodeo clown days.

While doing research on Longhorn breeders in the Pacific Northwest, Cindy connected with Scott and Amelia Picker of A&S Land and Cattle. Scott answered all her questions and was very helpful and encouraging. The herd of one “yard ornament” quickly grew when the Mellos purchased three cows from A&S. They entered their bull Turbo in the Oregon Trail Futurity competition, coming home with a buckle. Their love of Longhorns grew that weekend as they purchased another cow.

Over the recent years, we’ve have met many amazing people. The Longhorn community is very welcoming, family-oriented and focused on helping each other become successful.

Fast forward to 2024 – our BC Mello Arena & Longhorn Cattle Co. now has a small herd of seven cows and three first-year heifers we’ve raised. BC Brave at Heart Turbo is our Herd Sire for the 2023 calf crop, and we’ve added an upcoming herd sire to our program. We have a beautiful calf crop of 2023 calves from Turbo that we’ll take on the Futurity Trail this year. BC Mello Arena & Longhorn Cattle Co. has become a family affair as we are now in a partnership with our daughter Alyson and son-in-law Troy of T & A Longhorns.

Our mission is to value quality over quantity; to make sure we breed nice, big-boned, well-balanced, and structurally sound animals; and to have the time to spend with them. We love watching people drive past our Goldendale property, slowing down to look at the Longhorns. We also enjoy having people visit to feed the cattle treats and to learn how Longhorns are genuinely gentle, family-oriented animals that love attention.

The M, our brand with Crosses Stands for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.
A note about our brand and why it’s special to us: It’s a M (for Mello) but with 3 crosses. We are a Christian family and give all the glory to our Heavenly Father. The three crosses stand for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Without Him, none of this would be possible. We pray often and put all our Faith in God. Thanks for checking out our website.

God Bless!!
-Bill & Cindy Mello